The BestStar Promise

BestStar is committed to exceeding international standards for food safety and hygiene in all stages of our moringa and other products during production, the minimum standards we adhere to and comply with, are, HACCP, GMP and ISO standards.

These rigorous standards are applied at every one of our worldwide locations and strictly monitored to ensure the best Quality Assurance and Quality Control (QAQC) possible, from preparing the product habitat for population, introduction, growth, harvesting and processing until the final packaged product is delivered to the end customer.

No persistent chemical fertilisers, herbicides or pesticides are used, instead, a conglomerate of enzymes, bacteria and microbes are employed to ensure product health and wellbeing, whilst also increasing the overall quality of the products, ensuring freshness they are packed full of additional health benefits without contamination creating a vastly superior product with higher levels of proteins and other compounds than our competitors.

Our Expertise

BestStar’s principal businesses are utilizing creative technologies to maximize the output of food products, cosmetics, nutraceuticals, alternative medicines, and construction materials, and animal nutrition, to preserve and protect our planet.


BestStar are committed to exceeding international standards for food safety and hygiene in all stages of our Moringa production, the minimum standards we adhere to and comply with, are, HACCP, GMP and ISO standards.

Fish Farming

Farming 1lb of bluefin Tuna takes 26lbs of fish meal and to create 2.2lbs of fish meal takes 10lbs of smaller pelagic fish so 260lbs of small fish 53.1kg for 1lb of bluefin tuna!! BestStar is working for change

Regenerative Agriculture

Farming with a totally holistic approach towards land management by leveraging plants and crops natural ability to photosynthesise and using protective or cover crops, soil health can be rebuilt to increase crop resilience, and nutrient density overall creating a much healthier crop that will have superior yields without harsh chemicals.

Where We Operate

The world awaits todays and tomorrow’s inventions. Whether it is energy solutions that minimize carbon footprint, or high nutrition content, renewable food sources or new, improved ways to harness the awesome power of nature in balancing food supply with population growth. We are developing operations and initiatives all over the globe, with the intent of educating people, protecting the planet and regenerating the world.

Our multinational family have a wealth of experience in all types of industry from disaster response through to financial services, and farming through to oil and gas.


What's Happening, When, Where & How

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