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Using Innovation to Meet Challenges

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Using Innovation to Meet Challenges

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Below are various subjects that are either links direct to a website or downloadable PDF’s including articles, white papers and books. All open in a new window so you don’t lose your spot on this page. If you have an interest or want to know more you can get in contact with us from the link button below and we will do what we can to share information with you or find you some more reading material. This page is updated regularly with new information and links, so be sure to check back! 

Please note – the following resources are shared in the spirit of education via 3rd party resources. In respect to the authors, researchers and others having copyright interests, please be advised BestStar will participate in prosecution of individuals and organizations that violate ethics, laws and other internationally respected standards of duty when it comes to sharing or referencing the works of others.

BestStar Holding Documents

Agriculture, Agronomy, Agroecology, Farming and Horticulture

Alternative Energy Solutions, Sustainable Energy

Animal Feed

Fish Farming

Health and Wellbeing


Moringa and Agroforestry

Resource Recovery

Reverse Desertification

Site Design for Processing Facilities and Camps

The Oceans

Transportation and vehicles

United Nations


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